Thursday, July 20, 2017

Purerto Vallarta, Then Home

Our flight home left around 2:30pm on Thursday which was really perfect because it allowed us to take our time making it to the airport. We got on the 9:30am water taxi back to Puerto Vallarta from Yelapa and hopped in a taxi to the center of town. After checking out the malecon and the big church we found somewhere to enjoy one last Mexican meal before heading to the airport (Mi Querencia).
Even though it was a quick trip, it was just long enough for us to relax a bit and enjoy some adventure. The short travel time and not having a time change really meant you didn't need as long at the location and really I think I would have only needed one more day in Yelapa to do everything I wanted. I would love to go back with the kids because we saw so many things we knew they would all that yummy food ;-)!
When we got home they were all happy and doing well and we headed out for what else?! Mexican food! Haha :-). And then the next day it was right back to a swim meet. It made me feel like we had never left really, we to a 3 day swim meet, then our 4 day trip and then were back at another 3 day swim meet. Such a weird feeling. I was definitely still having anxiety from the cancellation of the finals of the GAGs meet and was ready to see how everything we be worked out.
I am really thankful that Mike and I got the time away just the two of us before we head out on our family trip in a couple weeks!
I have put Ella in charge of making GoPro videos for the family and she did this one of the footage we got on our trip. I love it :-)!

I got this cute footage from Ella and Coach Steph that afternoon

And I was trying to get Preston on video for my 1 second a day :-)...

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