Sunday, August 13, 2017

The End of our Camping Adventure

I was a little nervous for our last full day at camp because we had done everything on our list and I thought time might pass by slowly, but it ended up being really nice! We had a relaxing morning at camp reading and playing games and then drove down to the Mexican restaurant El Cid that is right before you enter the more wooded part of the mountain. We tried it out for the first time when we were last camping and were surprised that it was super delicious. It is especially good after making your own meals for a couple days...although our sandwiches, hot dogs, foil dinners, fish and crawfish were actually all really good too...just a lot of work ;-). We walked next door to Reimer's for some super tasty treats after and then went back to camp.
I made the kids leave their shoes outside the RV door when they came in to keep it clean and Addie was so obedient she even did it when we were getting in to drive to eat, leaving her with no shoes for our outing :-). I didn't think it was a big deal, but she was actually really embarrassed about it, poor girl.
the most delicious fresh blackberry ice cream!
Doing pull-ups with Dad...
For our last meal we lucked out with Addie catching a gazillion crawfish and Mike catching two HUGE trout that had so much meat on them. Plus we ate pretty much everything we had left...chips, cherries, sausage, etc. We used the last of our smore's supplies and then settled in for our last night in the RV.

The next morning, Friday the 4th, we had breakfast and hot chocolate and the kids got to burn a bunch of the old clothes we had brought to wear. This is one of their favorite parts of the camping experience haha. We got things cleaned up and loaded up and headed back to Fresno to return the RV, get in the Expedition and hit the road to Fremont. We got another little visit in with Grandma Freeman and our first meal of the trip at Cafe Rio so it was a nice little stop :-).
Once we were settled into our hotel in Fremont (Mike's hometown) we got the kids In n Out (which was conveniently in the same parking lot as our hotel!) and Mike and I headed out on a little date! Ahhh, it was so nice to have a little break from the kids and go eat a yummy Mexican meal!

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